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Find Series

Find series hotel spot lights

Find series can also have high-power of small-size lamp body , Break through the bottleneck of similar products performance, product more...

Φ75mm  7-12W

Power7W/10W/12W Cut Hole:75mm Beam Angel:10°/17°20°/25°/36°/45°/60° CRI:90(95/97 optional) LED Source:CITIZEN(Luminus...

Φ95mm  15-20W

Power15W/18W/20W Cut Hole:95mm Beam Angel:10°/17°20°/25°/36°/45°/60° CRI:90(95/97 optional) LED Source:CITIZEN(Luminus...

Φ115mm  20-30W

Power:20/30W Cut Hole:115mm Beam Angel:10°/17°20°/25°/36°/45°/60° CRI:90(95/97 optional) LED Source:CITIZEN(Luminus...

Φ135mm  30-50W

Power30W/35W/40W/50W Cut Hole:135mm Beam Angel:10°/17°20°/25°/36°/45°/60° CRI:90(95/97 optional) LED...

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1.Find series products,compact design,split housing and frame structure,is easy to be disassembled and installed.Embeddable frame can improve the construction and installation efficiency,without damaging the ceiling.

2.Exquisite surface plating and unique nano dus-proof technology,make the reflector dateless,spotless,cleanable and wear-resisting.

3.precise optical design,pure light color and perfect light spots,create excellent lighting artworks.
Reflector light control and Lens light control options meet the preferences and habits of different designers and requests different venues.

4.Original zoom design of optical lens,achieves three commonly-used beam angle 17 degree,25degree and 36 degree adjustments at any time for the same lighting fixture,to meet lighting requirements of different scenes and lighting projects,more multiple anti-glare designs,with shading angle bigger than 30 degree,creates a comfortable lighting environment.

5.Small size fixture of Balance series can also have high power,breaking the performance of similar products,more creative and advantageous.

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