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Image series hotel spot light

In image series of products, the lamp body adopts split design, compact lamp structure, lamp body and the frame is easy to disassemble or install, the frame can be embedded installation. The lamp body can be installed after painting to improve the construction and installation progress, To facilitate the maintenance and management of lamps in the construction site., luminaire vertical> 25 °and mechanical properties of horizontal 335°adjustable make the beam more comfortable and precise combined with the space.

  • Product Details



             Cut Hole:60mm/75mm/90mm/115mm/135mm

             Beam Angel:10°/17°20°/25°/36°/45°/60°

             CRI:90(95/97 optional)

             LED Source:CITIZEN(Luminus optional)

             Input Voltage:AC220-240V 50/60Hz

             Frame: rimless/round/square

             Reflector color:black nickel/pink gold/white chrome/matte black

            Decorative Cover:square-frame round hole/square-frame square hole/round-frame round              hold/round-frame square hole

            Lens:glass cap/matt cap/stripe cap/cloth cap/honeycomb cap




















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